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Sundakai Vathal (Without Salt)

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Sundakkai and Vathal

Sundakkai is one such vegetable, small in size which grows in a bush-like plant. It is known as Turkey Berry in English. Sundakkais are soaked in curd and sundried, which is later oil fried to bring out the final product.

Vegetables or berries, when sundried are termed as Vathal in Tamil. This sundried ingredient is soaked in curd, which when added to the gravy punches the authentic taste and awakens the feeling of homely food.

Health is Wealth

The Health benefits of this fruit are numerous ranging from healing as well as prevention of cold and flu, treatments for kidney disease, anemia, and even diabetes. Even Though bitter, this ingredient can make your life better, with healing qualities even from intestinal worms, pans, redness, and gout.

Sundakkai Vathal to add magic

The Sundakkai Vathal is consumed as a side dish, with lunch and also added to major side dishes. These are used to make dishes like Sundakkai Sambar, Sundakkai Poriyal, Sundakkai Aviyal and also Sundakkai Puli Kulambu.

The Superb Ingredient

This special way of molding up the ingredient makes sure to give a mash up of saltiness, sourness, and bitterness when accompanied with steamed rice, in that tender banana leaf, which adds traditional richness as well.

This product variant of ours is available as Sundakkai Vathal without salt, which hence can be used as per your requirements, and mixed with appropriate masalas as per your recipe and authentic dishes.

Easy and Easier

If you are in search of the best Sundakkai Vathal online, we offer you the best quality item. These are well-dried and well packed, easy to store Sundakkai Vathal that can be used to add punch to your dishes.

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