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Adhirasam: Collection

Indian Sweets In USA

200 gms

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Adhirasam History:

Adhirasam is a historic Indian sweet that is a special pastry for Diwali. It is a special treat in Tamil Nadu but that is not the only place it is related. The history of Adhirasam is dates back to the 16th century when Vijayanagar was the inventor of Adhirasam. He was the emperor of Krishnadevaraya.

Adhirasam USA is a historic treat it is famous for its taste that comes from rice and flour. However, apart from these ingredients jaggery and pepper make unique ingredients for Adhirasam online USA. So, are you also looking for Adhirasam near me options? If yes, then make sure to go for other historic and unique Indian sweets like Badhusha and Jilebi.

Adhirasam Online USA:

Although it is a historic sweet it is a perfect one for today’s world too. Why? It is because Adhirasam helps our bodies in a lot of ways that we cannot think of the modern-day sweets doing. Adhirasam goes against the odds and helps in weight loss when you maintain the nutrition content according to your diet. Other than that, it is good against constipation and helps with intestinal health as well.