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Jangeri: Collection



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Difference in Jangiri and Jilebi:

Many people confuse Jangiri and Jilebi because they look the same. These are tubes of sweetened batter. After frying them both Jangiri and Jilebi go through sweet syrup that enhances the sweetness and texture of these sweets.

Both Jangiri sweet and Jilebi may look similar. So, you must consider which one you are buying when searching for Jangiri sweet near me. One major difference here is that Jangiri consists of Urad Dal while Jilebi consists of flour.

These looking the same may be the reason you may end up getting the wrong option. It is also a common mistake people make when buying Laddu or Mysore Pak

Buy Fresh Jangiri Sweet Online:

Although Jangiri is made in oil as it is a fried sweet it is a little healthier in comparison with Jilebi. The reason for that is neither in the frying process nor in the syrup used for making it. However, this lisle difference in being a healthy sweet comes from the urad dal that makes it better. If you are a fan of crunchy treats, you will love Jangiri because it is crunchier in every bite.