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Badhusha Sweet: Collection

Indian Sweets In USA

200 gms

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Badhusha History And Facts:

Badhusha is a traditional Indian dessert that originates from the subcontinent region. In terms of ingredients, it is just similar to a glazed doughnut, but the taste and texture are completely different. It is very famous in South India and people love to enjoy it on various occasions and ceremonies.

A stiff dough of flour and ghee is the main ingredient here. Doughnut-like shape is given, and different designs are made from it. Badhusha sweet is then fried in pure ghee and dipped for several hours in thick sugary syrup.

It is very delicious with a flaky texture. Badhusha online order and delivery service are available. You can easily find the Badhusha sweet price, Kaju katli price, and Laddu price. It usually depends on the quantity you want and proceed to order your beloved sweet.

Buy Badusha Sweet Online USA:

An amazing fact about Badhusha is that it contains things that make it good for weight loss. It prevents anemia because of absorbing iron and similar minerals alongside citric acid. Additionally, having a lot of healthy fats, fiber, and protein make it a perfect choice for your healthy diet. So, making Badhusha a part of your diet when you are losing weight makes you lose extra weight while satisfying your craving in a tasty way.