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Jeera Pappad

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Our process of making makes it your healthiest choice

Pappad is nutritious in its ways with an attractive quantity of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. All types of Jeera pappad at Mylapore Ganapathy’s are made in the most traditional process with the best quality black gram (Ulundhu), well ground into fine flour, sieved, and then kneaded into dough. The dough is then rolled out into a thin sheet and cut into circles of various sizes for Pappads.

Jeera and health benefits

All our traditional spices of South India have their significance. Jeera is too one such spice, having benefits in the digestion process. So, if you love appalams and cannot stop adding them along with your meals, you have the best reason, because this is an assured healthy choice as always.

Homemade is Homemade

There is a special ingredient added to all homemade food, which is nothing but “ love”. We at Mylapore Ganapathy’s consider our customers as our own family, and hence make sure to serve you the best with all love!

Taste of Tamilnadu

There are some certain food items, which remind you of a place right?

The Jeera pappad is also such an item, which is served in most of the hotels and at homes in Tamilnadu. Making our Jeera Pappad as a part of your meals can make sure to give you a Madrasi feel!

Storage and life 

Pappads generally need to be taken care of in terms of storage, which otherwise would lose the crispiness while frying at times. Our ingredients used can assure a reasonable life, without any taste difference, while stored safely in a tight container.

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