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Dhal Appalam

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Ulundhu also called as Urad dal

Ulundhu also known as Urad dal or split black gram is a staple in Indian cuisine. It is a rich source of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Ulundhu is extensively used in various South Indian Recipe such as idli, vada and appalams.

Process involved

Appalams or crunchy, fried discs made from urad dhal flour are the evergreen favourite for kids and adults alike. No south Indian meal is complete without these crispy appalams. They are made from Black gram (Ulundhu) flour in the traditional process. The dal is ground into fine flour, sieved and then kneaded into dough. The dough is then rolled out into a thin sheet and cut into circles of various sizes.

The dhal appalam are sun dried and packed in bundles. No preservatives or food colours are added.

All our Dhal appalam are made in house and be rest assured that the quality of the product will satisfy your expectations.

Various sizes of Ulundu Appalam

In Mylapore Ganapathys we have various sizes of Dhal appalam from the smallest size to the biggest one. Smaller size appalam are meant to be oil fried and consumed whereas the bigger size can be both oil fried and roasted in fire or gas flame, you can also microwave the appalam and taste the crispy appalam. More the weight of the appalam, the size gets bigger. You can select the size of the appalam from the list mentioned and add the item to your cart.

An elaborate Vazhai Ilai Sapaadu (Banana leaf feast) or the quick fix sambar rice, the appalam elevates any meal into a tasty experience.

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